I was in prison …

… and you visited me. – Matthew 25:36

Welcome to the internet home of PMUNY, supporting Residents Encounter Christ (REC) retreat programs in upstate New York correctional facilities.

REC Logo vers 4We are dedicating this web page to several pioneers who started REC – Residents Encounter Christ – in Rochester and have continued to support prison ministry up to the present day. In particular, we want to highlight the contributions of Ronnie & Stan Zawacki and Barb Sanderson.

In the 1970’s, Stan was one of several men, all veterans of the Cursillo movement, who brought REC to upstate New York men’s prisons. Ronnie joined the REC team several years later when women were allowed to staff REC weekends. Barb Sanderson and Ronnie worked together on REC weekends and Fully Alive, another weekend retreat focusing on the book by John Powell. For more than thirty years, they have supported these ministries in every way possible, especially by staffing retreats, praying for the residents, financial support and encouraging others to join prison ministry. Thanks to these dedicated pioneers we have REC and Fully Alive programs that stay true to their original goals and continue to bring our incarcerated brothers and sisters closer to the Love, Mercy and Peace of God.

Click Here for the Original REC Manual edited by Ronnie.