Sharing the message of love, healing and transformation.

Our mission is to provide spiritual, educational and financial support to enable Christian volunteers to minister to incarcerated individuals and share Jesus’ message of love, mercy, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Prison Ministry of Upstate New York is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit operating under the Ecumenical Ministries of Perinton. We strive to help incarcerated men, women and adolescents capitalize on their inner potential so they can heal and change.

We believe in basic spiritual truths that can flourish where there is awareness, reconciliation and personal responsibility. We seek to empower and help prisoners navigate the complexities of their current situations.

Our programs have no formal expectations and all participants volunteer to attend. Our goal is to help individuals process their own journey. We strongly believe that a personal commitment to self-improvement must be made before there can be change and transformation.

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from 2015 to now.

Our Ministries

As a Donor Choice agency of the United Way, our spiritual programs foster love, mercy, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation. No proclamation of faith is needed, however individual faith journeys are often rejuvenated and enhanced. Attendance at every program session is voluntary.

Fully Alive
Women’s Spiritual Retreat

Christian group experience offering opportunity for personal growth, awareness and faith.

Houses of Healing
Adult Program

Eight-week program encouraging self-awareness and emotional healing, held in Monroe County Jail.

Power Source
Adolescent Program

Weekly, hour-long interactive sessions with high-risk adolescents focused on self-awareness, forgiveness and healing.

Men’s Spiritual Retreat

Three-day spiritual retreat structured around themes of God’s unending love and reconciling mercy.

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