Disclaimer: A Note to Anyone Affected by Incarceration….

PMUNY is dedicated to serving incarcerated brothers and sisters in 5 upstate NY facilities including: Albion, Auburn, Groveland, Attica and Auburn. As registered volunteers with the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Services (DOCCS) we are not allowed to correspond directly with anyone currently incarcerated.

If you or your loved one are currently incarcerated, PMUNY encourages you to seek the guidance and assistance of your prison chaplain(s) and/or counselors. We welcome communications from any/all prison Chaplains.

If any currently incarcerated individual contacts the PMUNY organization or any of our volunteers via email, phone, US mail or any other means seeking information, materials, or support of any kind unfortunately we cannot respond to you directly. Your written communications will be forwarded to Reentry Association of Western New York (RAWNY).

RAWNY is dedicated to supporting YOU and the agencies that serve individuals reentering society. RAWNY wants to help you access what you need to succeed on the outside.

All of us at PMUNY recognize the excruciating challenges and often insurmountable circumstances resulting from incarceration. We are aware of the many roadblocks facing men and women trying to reenter society after having served their time inside any prison or jail. We are eager to refer you/your loved ones and strongly encourage you to contact the individuals and/or agencies who can help you and/or your loved ones get the support you deserve and desperately need.

Please refer to the resources listed here. These agencies are most likely to help you with what you need most.

Contact RWANY at info@rawny.org or 585-851-8886
727 St. Paul Street, Rochester NY 14605

A project of The Bronx Defenders and Pro Bono Net, is a collaborative education and resource center for individuals and organizations in New York State that advocate for people with criminal records and their families – collectively, the Reentry Community. Reentry Net/NY is the first ever statewide clearinghouse of practical advocate materials on the civil consequences of criminal proceedings. Reentry Net/NY contains materials from dozens of contributing organizations throughout New York State. All resources have been screened, selected, and organized by experts.
Rochester Public Library’s Making Moves: Reentry Resources for Formerly Incarcerated & Justice Involved Individuals – https://roccitylibrary.org/services/outreach/making-moves/
How to Reduce Barriers from a Criminal Record. More info also found here: https://calendar.libraryweb.org/event/10774786

Remain dedicated to your wellness and success. Don’t give up. Our world needs strong, healthy adults willing to make things better.
Blessings to you and your loved ones.

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