As men and women of faith who volunteer in prisons and jails, we have the unique privilege of ministering to incarcerated men, women and teens. In the process of facilitating spiritual and educational programs we venture into places most citizens never go.

Our experiences allow us to see first hand the difficult daily responsibilities of those who work in correctional facilities and we are poignantly aware of the challenges those who are incarcerated experience.

We know all who live and/or work inside jails and prisons face tremendous ongoing challenges. We stand in awe of the demands placed on them daily.

As volunteers we hope all those affiliated with our criminal justice system are physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

We seek to “love our neighbor as ourselves” and we consider everyone who lives, works, visits or volunteers to be “our neighbor”.

We strive to live by example the Gospel messages of love, hope, healing, and reconciliation with everyone we encounter.

We long for a world that is non-violent, responsible, safe, just and loving.