Pray for prisoners and their relationship with God that they would allow God to work in them and accomplish their purpose in their lives.

  • Pray for reconciliation, healing and belief in Jesus Christ, his teachings and living lives of faith on “the outside” and on “the inside.”
  • Pray for people who are incarcerated.
  • Pray for their families and for the victims of crime.
  • Remain strong in their faith and know that if they ask for forgivingness, they will be forgiven.
  • Stay away from harmful associations that may lead them astray.

Pray for prisoners’ relationship with others, that they will: 

  • Be committed to keeping a strong connection with family, despite being separated
  • Experience reconciliation in strained or broken relationships
  • Have strength and courage to be a friend to the lonely, the discouraged, the lost.

Pray for volunteers who enter the prisons to minister to the inmates that God would: 

  • Use their lives to draw many into a saving relationship and faith in Jesus Christ
  • Let the love of Jesus be shown in their actions and attitudes
  • Help them to find the right words when a prisoner shares a feeling of hopelessness