REC has helped transform my life. I’ve been incarcerated now going on 31 years. The first 25 years were pretty much spent in and out of the Box (solitary confinement) and keep lock. I had been to REC a few times, but did not take the commitment seriously. Then, I was transferred in 2011, and was influenced by my chaplain. We had a long conversation about life and what my future could be during one of the breaks during the REC, and I made the decision to take everything at the REC seriously, and opened my heart. I focused on the talks and really listened. My eyes were opened and my heart was lifted. I have not looked back since then. I decided to stop using drugs and getting into trouble. I began to think differently, and used my past experiences to help other guys try to do their time more positively. The love from people on the REC team always charges up my spiritual batteries and keeps me focused on my path. REC has given me new hope for my future. I am a much kinder, thoughtful and peaceful person now. I have REC to thank for that.  (Note: this inmate ultimately spent 35 years in prison, was released and today has a job, a home, and a significant other.)


As time passes here behind bars, the months, the Years, the Decades, each and everyone leaves their own unique scars. So far removed from kind faces we become callous to the needs of others.…The REC has been faith reaffirming and an opportunity for me to re-engage in my community in a meaningful way…So thank you for your prayers, your time and your smiles. May God Bless and keep each and everyone of you through time and eternity,,,