Residents Encounter Christ (REC) is a retreat program done inside prisons and jails around the United States and many other places. REC has it roots in Cursillo and is similar to Teens Encounter Christ (TEC), and other Three Day Movements.

The mission of REC is two-fold

  • To follow Jesus’ direction to visit those in prison and bring His message of healing and reconciliation.
  • To encourage the incarcerated to know the peace of Jesus Christ and to live more fully as Christians during and after their incarceration.

History of REC in upstate New York

In the 1970s three men from the Rochester area attended a REC program that was conducted at a downstate prison. They were so impressed that they started a REC program at the Auburn Correctional Facility. From those beginnings, REC programs in upstate NY are now offered at over 20 prisons.